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Robert Neuwirth – “The 21ist Century Medieval City”

by Stewart Brand on June 13th, 02005

Robert Neuwirth

World squatter reality

Humanity is urbanizing at a world-changing pace and in a world-changing way. A billion squatters are re-inventing their lives and their cities simultaneously. One of the few to experience the range of the phenomenon first hand is Robert Neuwirth, author of SHADOW CITIES: A BILLION SQUATTERS, A NEW URBAN WORLD. He took up residence in the scariest-seeming parts of squatter cities in Rio, Nairobi, Istanbul, and Mumbai. They vary profoundly. What Neuwirth found in the new “slums” is the future via the past. Hence his title:

“The 21st-century Medieval City,” Robert Neuwirth,

For his talk “The 21st-century Medieval City,” Robert Neuwirth took an overflow audience to “the cities of tomorrow…

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