Stephen Lansing – “Perfect Order: A Thousand Years in Bali”

Posted on Thursday, January 12th, 02006 by Simone Davalos
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Stephen Lansing

Hidden order in the Balinese “religion of water”

With lucid exposition and gorgeous graphics, anthropologist Stephen Lansing exposed the hidden structure and profound health of the traditional Balinese rice growing practices. The intensely productive terraced rice paddies of Bali are a thousand years old. So are the democratic subaks (irrigation cooperatives) that manage them, and so is the water temple system that links the subaks in a nested hierarchy.

When the Green Revolution came to Bali in 1971, suddenly everything went wrong. Along with the higher-yield rice came “technology packets” of fertilizers and pesticides and the requirement, stated in patriotic terms, to “plant as often as possible”…

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  • Stephanie Gerson

    M. Kat Anderson, author of Tending the Wild (sold at the Long Now), works with native peoples of California to re-introduce traditional resource management techniques into state parks, e.g. controlled burns. Her work exemplifies the operationalizing of what Lansing refers to as “perfect order.”

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