John Rendon – “Long-term Policy to Make the War on Terror Short”

Posted on Monday, July 17th, 02006 by Stewart Brand
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John Rendon

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John Rendon, head of The Rendon Group, is a senior communications consultant to the White Houses and Departments of Defense. His subject in this talk is how to replace tactical, reactive response to terror with long-term strategic initative.

I think that people were expecting a silver-tongued devil, an accomplished spin-meister, arrogant but charming, who would dance them into some new nuanced state of understanding.

What they got instead from John Rendon was an earnest, soft-spoken message of such directness and scope that it apparently came across to some in the audience as dissembling…

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    rendon’s a fool.

  • scratchmark

    rendon is far worse than a fool.

  • MrModerate

    “sk8penguin23” and “scratchmark” are the American counterparts of Islamic fundamentalists—incapable of rational thought. Rendon is right.

  • propblogger

    How do you access the audio?!