Neal Stephenson reads from Anathem

Posted on Wednesday, September 10th, 02008 by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander
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Video above (from of Neal reading from Anathem at the book launch event last night, and a little of the live singing.  We would like to thank the nearly 900 attendees, and those that watched the video stream.  We apologize for the delays and sound troubles that plagued us at the venue.

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  • Right now, I’m about half-way through reading Anathem. It’s the first work of Stephenson that I’ve read and although I’ve seen other readers’ comments that the book is difficult to get into, this has not been my experience.

    Although it seems obvious now, I hadn’t made the connection with the Long Now Clock and it’s interesting to know that Stephenson has links to The Long Now organisation. This will add to my enjoyment in reading the remainder of Anathem.

  • Excellent just what I was looking for.

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