Stewart Brand on Long Now’s Nevada Clock Site

Posted on Thursday, December 18th, 02008 by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander
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Back in November of 02004 Stewart Brand gave a very comprehensive talk at TED on our plans for the Nevada Clock site.  I had never seen it until TED talks posted it just recently.  Stewart talks through each aspect of our many years of site visits out there, and how we are looking at using the site.  Also if any of you have not seen his City Planet talk, that is also up on TED here.  In addition it looks like TED has followed our lead and is now using the crowd-sourced technology of DotSub to translate their online talks.

  • Fantastic stuff. I am very excited about the possibility of visiting this site within my lifetime.

  • George Farber

    One correction I’d like to make. The oldest living tree was cut down sometime around 1964 and is located in the Snake Range on Mt Wheeler, close to Mt Washington. It is a magnificent place.

    We arrogant humans have the responsibility to be good stewarts.

    ***”The tree Currey had labeled WPN-114, Lambert and his friends named “Prometheus,” probably in 1958 but not later than 1961, after the demigod worshiped by artisans, who stole and gave fire and the arts to humans, who was chained to a mountain crest by Zeus, where an eagle fed each day on his liver until he was freed by Hercules. In 1968 the name seemed distinctly ironic. Lambert wrote: “Earth’s oldest living thing was casually killed (yes murdered!) in the name of science.”

    ****For more of the story check out this web-site

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  • Jack Westacott

    best idea everrrrrr