“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

Posted on Thursday, January 8th, 02009 by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander
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Back in June of 02005 Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech at Stanford.  I heard about it second hand from several people who said he quoted Stewart Brand at the end.  But until I came across this video today, I had not heard or seen it.  The whole thing is an excellent talk, and may be a good stand-in for those of you suffering from the disappointment in the lack of Steve at the last MacWorld.  Look for the mention of the Whole Earth Catalog and Stewart at 12:50 into the talk.

Also of note for the Whole Earth Catalog fans out there is that Danica Remy and the folks at Point Foundation have put up a digital version of all of The Whole Earth Catalogs.

  • Davide Bocelli

    It’s also a good message to begin 02009.

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  • pheloxi

    a request to long now foundation and whole earth catalogue,

    could you please make your websites more friendly for visual impaired. both your websites do not allow zoom to enlarge the lettering without harming the design.

    in my opinion the current designs are not in line with long now guidelines. I think that your websites should more “liquid 20/20”, which is making a website, when you zoom to enlarge the websites the design is zoom to enlarge with letter.

    thank you for reading this.

    long time follower of the long now.

    ps I hope library project is “liquid 20/20”.

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  • Great post, and I KNEW that I remembered Stewart Brands name from somewhere!!!

    In other strange news, I was watching this exact post when Geek Entertainment TV posted their recent episode, posing the question: “What will God say to Steve Jobs when Steve gets to heaven?”. Odd juxtaposition indeed. Watch here:


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  • Jigisha chuahan

    its really outstanding…..inspiring video………….everyone must have to see once it……..

  • Sung Jun Sim

    I’ve wanted to see this cause Steve Jobs argued on this at the commencement of stanford univ.

  • anil

    Guys..”stay hungry be foolish” mantra doesn’t seem to work for everyone..i have been foolish all my life..i stayed hungry for 4 days just to see if I could succeed in life..unfortunately, i am still with the same employee getting the same salary..Steve Job mantra does not work in this economy.

  • Gwendolyn Roberts

    Finally watched the commencement speech today – what a treasure. 

  • You can read a free copy of this truly inspirational speech here: http://www.voicegig.com/view-speech/199/stay-hungry-stay-foolish-steve-jobs-ceo-apple-computers/

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