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Posted on Friday, January 16th, 02009 by Simone Davalos
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Two sand calendars…  One year “hourglasses”, each claims to the the largest.  I really wonder how those bearings are holding up on the Timewheel. (More from Oddity Central with more pics.)

The Timewheel is the world’s largest hourglass, situated in Budapest, Hungary next to City Park, right of Heroes’ Square and behind the Palace of Art (Műcsarnok). It is made of granite, steel, and glass, and weighs 60 tons. The “sand” (actually glass granules) flows from the upper to the lower glass chamber for one year. – Wikipedia

And the other one from Japan filled with ‘”singing sand” at the Nima Sand Museum in Kotoga Beach shown below:


  • VigneronRowland

    Check out the cover of this months Chronogram magazine http://issuu.com/chronogram/docs/chronogramjanuary2009?mode=embed&documentId=081229192207-74243749dd4a449bb68bb3d302693500&layout=grey

    its a calander with lunar phases and the sunrise / sunset all in a Steele design.

  • A jeremiad concerning wasting time and keeping silent.

    My not-so-great generation of elders will likely be remembered as the perpetrators of the most perverse, self-serving silence in human history. No other generation has taken so much from this good Earth, threatened the very future of its own children and given so little of themselves to preserve life for coming generations. Photographs of us will disclose both our corpulence and hollowness.

    Although the disclosure of truth is unsettling, hiding the truth from the human community could be a monstrous example of human-driven foolery, one that could soon lead to a colossal ecological wreckage.

    To suppress the truth by conscientiously substituting whatsoever could somehow be true with willful silence is tantamount to the commission of a pernicious lie.

    A widely shared and consensually validated determination among people with knowledge to maintain their silence, when remaining silent betrays intellectual honesty, conceals the truth and thwarts courageous action, is the most dangerous of all global threats to the family of humanity, life as we know it and the preservation of Earth as a fit place for human habitation.

    From this perspective, perhaps we can begin to apprehend the actual, most formidable enemy of future human wellbeing and environmental health.

    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on the Human Population,
    established 2001

  • stevenearlsalmony

    In response to Dame Jane Goodall…

    Yes, hope is vital. But so is being intellectually honest and morally courageous enough to speak out loudly, clearly and often about what is real, according to the lights and science we possess. We cannot make a difference that makes a difference if we continue not to question the ubiquitously broadcasted delusions by the world leaders of my generation who are leading our youth down a ‘primrose path’ to surely precipitate the utter extirpation of global biodiversity, the irreversible degradation of Earth’s environs, the reckless dissipation of its limited resources and the destruction of life as we know it. The very thing our leaders claim to be protecting and preserving for children everywhere and coming generations.

    “The greatest danger to our planet is that we lose hope – especially if our youth loses hope. Because, if we have no hope, we give up and stop trying to do our bit to make a difference.” – Dr. Jane Goodall

  • Steven Earl Salmony

    Please take a moment to celebrate the 450th birthday of Galileo Galilei, which occurred on February 15, 2014. Likely all of you are aware of the personal trials and tribulations that he endured as a result of his indomitable will to speak truth to power. The memory of this exemplar to all of us leads me to ask a question. What is Galileo is doing tonight? My hope would be that the great man is resting in peace and that his head is not spinning in his grave. How, now, can Galileo possibly have peace? So few scientists with appropriate expertise speak out clearly and loudly regarding whatsoever they believe to be true regarding at least one root cause of the colossal, distinctly human-driven global predicament looming so ominously before humanity: human population dynamics/overpopulation of Earth. The human community could soon be confronted by multiple global ecological threats to future human wellbeing and environmental health that appear to result directly from the unbridled overproduction, unreserved per capita overconsumption and unregulated overpopulation activities of the human species which are now rapidly overspreading the Earth (lower TFRs in many countries notwithstanding) and threatening to ravage the planetary home we are blessed us to inhabit. Many too many leaders and a predominant coterie of the ‘brightest and best’ experts are choosing to remain silent rather than acknowledge the best available science. Please consider how the elective mutism of so many of the most highly-regarded and knowledgeable scientists among us could be contributing to the effective ruination of Earth and its environs as a fit place for human habitation.

    Where are the top rank researchers and well-established professionals with appropriate expertise who will stop colluding in silence, who are willing to examine and report on science that exists in the form of solid, uncontested research? Look at the dismaying disarray in which we find ourselves now and how far we have to travel in a short time to move the human family away from precipitating some unimaginable sort of global ecological wreckage. What would the world we inhabit look like if scientists like Galileo had chosen not to disclose science, but instead adopted a code of silence in order to serve the interests of the powers that be. In such circumstances Galileo as well as scientists today would speak only about scientific evidence that the super-rich and most powerful people believe to be politically convenient, religiously tolerable, economically expedient, socially correct and culturally prescribed? By so doing, Galileo and modern-day scientists would effectively breach their responsibilities to science and duty to humanity to report objectively findings from their research, as honestly as they can report it.

    Heretofore silent scientists are called upon now to follow the example of Galileo. The politically correct silence of so many knowledgeable but apparently dumbstruck experts on one hand, as well as the incessant mass media jabber of absurdly enriched sycophants and other bought and paid for minions of wealthy power brokers on the other hand, could be killing the world we inhabit as well as life as we know it. Most scientists have not actively engaged in inimical ‘sins of commission’, as have many too many deceitful, chattering non-scientist experts (e. g., economists, politicians and demographers); and yet too many scientists on our watch appear to have chosen to maintain their silence by not speaking out ‘as if each one was a million voices’. It appears scientists have been and continue willfully to deny the best available scientific evidence that specifically relates to human population dynamics. Is their collusion to remain electively mute correctly described as a sin of omission or a lie of silence? If science does not overcome silence soon, then much of the world the human community believes we are preserving and protecting will be irreversibly degraded and relentlessly dissipated, if not destroyed outright. Surely, objective empirical reports from intellectually honest and moral courageous scientists regarding the population dynamics of the human species and the human overpopulation of Earth will give Galileo Galilei peace.

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