Prototype I, Book of Drawings

Posted on Monday, April 12th, 02010 by Austin Brown
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Long Now has compiled a record of all of the drawings made to create the first 10,000 Year Clock Prototype into a new book. Geared towards the mechanically inclined, this book has the technical drawing of every part used in the first prototype. It also includes several math notebooks and spreadsheets that Danny Hillis used to make the underlying calculations for parts of the Clock.

Long Now hopes that the widespread distribution of these plans will ensure that the knowledge and work that went into building our first Clock prototype is not lost and that this will help the survival of the Clock itself and the long-term thinking it represents.

The paperback book is available through Amazon (we do get a % of sales) and is $19.95. The drawings are also available to download for free on our site.

  • Got this right when it came out. It’s very interesting. My only beef is the lack of any sort of functional overview or description of how the various mechanisms work. For example, I’m extremely interested in the mechanical digital adders, but understanding how they work from the mechanical drawings has escaped me (also mechanisms such as these aren’t described anywhere on the Internet, surprising).

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  • Organic

    How about CAD drawings get released? I’d like to see it all in 3d

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