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Richard Rhodes Ticket Info

by Contessa Trujillo on August 19th, 02010

The Long Now Foundation’s monthly

Seminars About Long-term Thinking

Richard Rhodes on “Twilight of the Bombs”


Tuesday September 21, 02010 at 7:30pm Herbst Theater on Van Ness

Long Now Members can reserve 2 seats, join today! &#8226 General Tickets $10

About this Seminar:

Pulitzer-winning author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb, Dark Sun, and Arsenals of Folly completes his tetralogy on nuclear weapons with his new book, The Twilight of the Bombs: Recent Challenges, New Dangers, and the Prospects for a World Without Nuclear Weapons.

A single weapon profoundly shaped world history for most of a century. Its disappearance can have equally profound effects.