Long Quotes: Ted Turner

Posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 02010 by Tyler Emerson
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“We’ve got to start planning for the future and doing intelligent things, not the dumb things we’ve been doing. We are already in real trouble, but I like to liken it to a baseball game. Young people ask me, ‘Where do we stand?’ It’s the seventh inning. We’re down by two runs. The game’s not over. The game’s not over. We can still turn it around. We’ve gotta hold them right where we are by putting our best relief pitcher in, and we’ve gotta put three runs on the board in the last two innings. My first president of the Turner Foundation used to say, with a wink in his eye, ‘The situation is hopeless, but I could be wrong.’ If things are going to get turned around, young people are going to be the ones to do it, because my generation is worn out. We need a long-term plan for humanity. We need to be planning for a thousand years out.”
Ted Turner

  • DVolpe

    At 25, I find it difficult to imagine a scenario where we can pull off the Hail Mary pass and even the score. The human race at the moment is a malignancy. The problem is multi-generational so the solution must be as well. We have at our disposal the Lingua-Franca of the internet in all its ongoing forms of public archivism. The generational passing on of knowledge has over the last two hundred years from father to son, then grandmother to daughter, and now an entire generation of experience to learn from and examine and follow after. Perhaps it’s not a hail mary pass we need, maybe a succession of well played moves which set the standard for those who come next.