Prague Astronomical Clock – 600th Anniversary Show

Posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 02010 by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander
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The 600 Years from the macula on Vimeo.

Member Trey Darley sent in this absolutely stunning video mapping show done for the 600th anniversary of one of the greatest clocks ON the planet:  The Astronomical Clock in Prague.  This was done a few days ago on October 9th. Worth watching all the way through.

Prague has a 600 year head start on The Clock of the Long Now, maybe they will be the first to reach 10,000…

BB reader Kerray says, “The people who worked on it are, and, and the projection itself was done by Four months of work, 5000×1200 resolution, 2x Christie 18K HD projectors.” .

From Wikipedia, this schematic explaining what the various interlocking dials on the Prague Orloj represent.

(A lot of people documented it if you want to see other vantage points)

  • I was in Prague just a couple of weeks ago for the International Astronautical Congress. The clock sure didn't look like this then! :-)

  • <duplicate></duplicate>

  • I didn't know that Prague was a city steeped in history. This was certainly worth 10 mins of my time.

  • Amazing!

  • unlike todays society, in the past man built things to last. perhaps it is time to learn from history and look forward to a future when things man creates today will last as long as they once did

  • Badvock

    stunning, thank you

  • Isabella

    Congratulations on the wonderful visuals The human journey in 10 minutes

  • Antonior_silva

    Congratulacions. The fantastic work…

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