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Ian Morris Ticket Info

by Danielle Engelman on March 25th, 02011

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Ian Morris on Why the West Rules - For Now

Ian Morris on “Why the West Rules – For Now”


Wednesday April 13, 02011
at 7:30pm
Marines’ Memorial Theater at Union Square

Long Now Members can reserve 2 seats, join today! &#8226 General Tickets $10

About this Seminar:

Historian and archaeologist, Ian Morris’ most recent book, Why the West Rules – For Now, discusses reasons for changes in global dominance, cultural and geographic differences between civilizations, and the eroding usefulness of the East/West distinction.

Morris has studied at Cambridge, the University of Chicago, and most recently Stanford. He founded the Stanford Archaeology Center in 02000 and oversaw excavations for 6 years at Monte Polizzo, Sicily.