SALT Speaker Tim Flannery’s “Here on Earth” iPad app

Posted on Tuesday, April 19th, 02011 by Austin Brown
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Ecologist Tim Flannery is on tour in the US to support his recently released Here on Earth: A Natural History of the Planet, a book that explores the intertwined histories of humanity and planet Earth.

On May 3rd, he’ll discuss Here on Earth at one of Long Now’s Seminars About Long-term Thinking in San Francisco. Long Now Members who can’t make it in person can listen to a live audio stream of the event as it happens.

In addition to the print version of Here on Earth, Flannery and his publishing team created an iPad app that comes with the full text of the book, 60 minutes of original film and animated content, interactive maps and infographics and an integrated Twitter-based reading group that allows readers to see what others are saying about the book in real-time.

Tim Flannery is a best-selling and prolific author of natural histories; a professor of paleontology, paleoclimatology & mammology; and the Chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council. Some of his previous works include The Weather Makers and The Eternal Frontier.

  • graham haupt

    the constant debate about sea level changes needs some verifiable evidence 
    can you site the evidence for me or direct me to the sources that allow me to read and make up my own mind

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