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Posted on Tuesday, July 5th, 02011 by Kirk Citron
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The Clock of the Long Now measures time in 10,000-year increments. “The Clock,” a wondrous piece of video art by Christian Marclay, measures every single moment in 24 hours.

Composed of film clips drawn from the entire history of cinema, the piece literally tells the time, through images of clocks and watches as well as scenes of people looking at, talking about, or noticing the time. If you see “The Clock” at 9:18 in the morning, every film clip shows 9:18.

While it may sound dull — who would want to spend an hour, or twenty-four, staring at a clock? — the piece, in the watching, becomes a moving meditation on the history of cinema, and of our relationship with time itself.

The artwork has been presented in London, New York, and Los Angeles, and just won the best of show Gold Lion at the Venice Biennale 02011. The Guardian called it “a masterpiece for our times.” If you’re in Los Angeles this July, or Venice between now and November, don’t miss it.

For more, here’s a clip from BBC News.

  • I have just dusted off my old “Proposal for Perimeter Accessories for the Long Now Clock” that has lain in the drawer of an old webpage for (appropriately) a long time.  Perhaps some will enjoy my reactions to the Long Now when I first heard about it, way back then. You can read it at http://holopoet.com/hp2/Noguch…  (or on my facebook notes page for 'red slider').

    Some of you might also enjoy a current campaign, 'Mission Accomplished' [ http://holopoet.com/public/mis… ] to get poets on staff at NASA (and other significant scientific, environmental and cultural projects).  Silly?  Well, perhaps you should read it and see if you still think it a silly idea.  For that matter, I would ask Long Now, “Are their any poets on staff?  If not, why not?”  – best to all, red slider

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    cool clock is from movie

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