Almost everything is getting better

Posted on Wednesday, August 10th, 02011 by Kirk Citron
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The Long News: stories that might still matter fifty, or a hundred, or ten thousand years from now.

Last week The Millennium Project released its 02011 State Of The Future report, looking at trends for the past twenty years and projecting ahead for the next decade. (Not the 10,000 year future, but still of interest.) You can read an executive summary of the report here.

While the report finds many things to worry about – global warming, terrorism, corruption – overall the trends are surprisingly hopeful, as shown in their chart called “Where we are winning”:

  • Finally some good news. 

  • Doug Renick

    Randy, do you have access to the 2011 State of the Future report? Fascinating information. Doug

  • Percentage of species under threat of extinction? Likelihood that we’ll blow ourselves up? Lies, lies and damn statistics…

  • Howard Dickins

    A big question…  Is this for the USA – or for the world as a whole?

  • 4waltercox

    Must be the world as a whole.

  • good to hear.

  • Pamela Mudge-Wood

    It’s all in how you look at it.  If in doubt, choose to believe that which offers hope, and reject that which generates baseless fear.

  • aynranddeathmask

    And this good stuff will all come to pass how, exactly? The twin Tsunamis of capital destruction and peak energy are dragging us toward general collapse. The economy isn’t coming back until governments hit the reset button and basically nationalize the world economy after a general default. Right now they’re just making things up. Here’s too much funny money in the system in the USA and Europe and not enough cheap energy to permit growth rates like what markets have come to expect. There will be no significant growth in the future — a few blips here and there but over the course of a decade or so, virtually nothing.

  • Yeah, the world is getting better, but in many of those categories the USA is getting worse. Most Americans don’t believe Europe is possible.  Babies born in countries like Malaysia, Cuba, Lithuania, and Poland now have a better chance of survival than those born in the United States, because they love their babies more. 

  • Guest

    You are possibly the dumbest person to post thus far. If you honestly believe that the children of Malaysia have a larger chance of survival than those of the US then you have been largely misinformed 

  • Guest

    You may want to look at the abortion rate in the US and then rephrase your statement.

  • Gerald

    to bad none of this true

  • bernard

    abortion rates have nothing to do with survival rates of BABIES BORN, as you put it, seeing how aborted fetuses are not babies, and were never born

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