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Posted on Thursday, September 1st, 02011 by Austin Brown
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Time exists, but that’s only the first of ten things Cosmic Variance wants to be sure you know on the subject.

The most common noun in the English language describes a rather elusive concept and after the Setting Time Aright conference brought together “leading researchers across a wide range of fields within physics and cosmology, as well as from computer science, complex systems, biology, philosophy, and psychology,” to talk about it, organizer Sean Carroll of Caltech rounded up the best takeaways and posted them for our edification:

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Time

  • Interesting, I did not know that Time was the most commonly used noun.
    Makes sense, to mortals, sense we have a limited amount of it.

    If human lifespan was seriously lengthened  then, I it may be replaced with another.

  • Bruno Grieco

    Time is the phenomenon of observing causality due to the presence of gravity.

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