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Brewster Kahle Ticket Info

by Austin Brown on October 31st, 02011


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Brewster Kahle on Universal Access to All Knowledge

Brewster Kahle on “Universal Access to All Knowledge”


Wednesday November 30, 02011 at 7:30pm Cowell Theater at Fort Mason

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About this Seminar:

As founder and librarian of the storied Internet Archive (deemed impossible by all when he started it in 1996), Brewster Kahle has practical experience behind his universalist vision of access to every bit of knowledge ever created, for all time, ever improving.

He will speak to questions such as these:

Can we make a distributed web of books that supports vending and lending? How can our machines learn by reading these materials? Can we reconfigure the information to make interactive question answering machines? Can we learn from past human translations of documents to seed an automatic version? And, can we learn how to do optical character recognition by having billions of correct examples? What compensation systems will best serve creators and networked users? How do we preserve petabytes of changing data?