The Future According to Films

Posted on Tuesday, November 15th, 02011 by Alex Mensing
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We found this wonderful visualization of future events from the world of film on infographipedia, courtesy of Tremulant Design. Most of the occurrences on the timeline take place during this millennium, though a few producers have ventured multi-millennial forecasts.

  • This is cool. I wish it went back 50 years too to compare the predictions with the reality. I’ll go look.

  • Psixexes

    I’m with Mem. Let’s start out with Aliens in the ’40’s then with science fiction. Star Trek (science fiction) becoming NASA. NASA (physicists) believing in Aliens (on TV…NatGeo ) finally giving peace (prophecy fulfilled) to modern humans about the scare scientist created.
    The funniest ones are the Image creators …Marvel [/marble/ “sounds like”] recreating notions or Gods and spirits through “magic” [/moving visible light/ “spirits”].

    Do you know how it really ends? Using language we learn that Chomsky’s Hebrew determining mind could not fathom that we [every language upon the Earth] are a part of light and DO NOT LIKE LIES. Chomsky noted everything in the subject stereotypical soul…no God but God, and no tongue but Hebrew. I, Alvina, Linguistic genius at UH Hawaii, get visceral pains listening to my professor teach about the blind nativist constructs that I wish Lera Borotski would analyze and remove from mental history. I was not born with a spirit in my mind to teach me my grandfather’s English —descendant of Meister Eckhart. I was not born with the mind of the Russian breath of my Russian grandmother and grandfather. I was born in a land a child of Hawaiian ancestry and forced to believe that I wasn’t American. Chomsky’s refusal to use culture is a religiosity based and preserves schizophrenic paradigms that ought not to foster the separation of church and rule.

    The finale? Why do minimal pairs determine a bean is a bean in two hundred languages, but God is pronounced only as El Shaddai if it is the Almighty? And Elohim if it is light?

    Here in America, especially with the research The Long Now foundation is known for…why don’t we ask the people what their God’s name were? I can show you why our God’s name in Hawaii were God by mere phonemic referent. How vowels point in a line more straight than the aboriginal ‘s hand faces east when he rises.

    The world will resist the turn away from God, but no totalitarian society will restructure unless truth prevails. The struggles with prophecy is determined in the resounding strength of the unknown truth. The truth [every language in the world] waits for.

  • Sharat Bhushan

    It simply proves that everythimg is predetermined and predesigned

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