Clock Project Update from Jeff Bezos

Posted on Thursday, January 19th, 02012 by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander
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Below is the Clock Project update by Jeff Bezos published at

Quick Update and Video of the Raise Bore Milestone

We just completed the 12½ foot diameter, 500 foot deep vertical shaft for the 10,000 Year Clock. We used a mining technique called raise boring. Take a look at the video – it’s an interesting operation. Instead of drilling down from the top, you pull a large diameter reamer up to the surface from the bottom using a smaller diameter pilot hole – more efficient than a top-down drill because the rubble isn’t fighting gravity. It rains down beneath the advancing bore and gets hauled out a horizontal shaft at the bottom. Our next major step will be cutting the spiral stairway using a robotic stone cutting saw. In parallel, we’re also manufacturing and testing the Clock components.

The Clock team continues to do an impressive and amazing job – they are organized and ingenious. Extra special thanks to Danny Hillis and Alexander Rose who deserve big kudos for driving to this key milestone. Big thanks as well to Swaggart Brothers, Cementation, and Geomagic, all of which played a crucial role. I encourage and invite you to become a member of The Long Now Foundation, the non-profit that was founded to foster long-term thinking and has focused tremendous energy on the Clock, as well as other noteworthy projects. You can visit their website to learn more and become a member.

Many thanks for your interest in the Clock and in the long view!

Jeff Bezos

  • Lexlapax

    dude, are you trying to monetize from this?
    Vimeo says you can’t embed the video.. what gives?

  • Lterrell

    Vimeo doesn’t play in RSS feeds like Google Reader. Just click on through to the Longnow website and it plays no problem. I guess Vimeo doesn’t like RSS feeds.   Amazing video by the way, and interesting that having a vertical tunnel (accessible from the top and bottom) seems to make the process of making a tunnel far more manageable in comparison to conventional Tunnel Boring Machines. 

  • Spugpow

    This is exciting news.

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