Posted on Wednesday, August 22nd, 02012 by Alex Mensing
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Duelity from Ryan Uhrich on Vimeo.

Duelity is a split-screen animation that tells both sides of the story of Earth’ s origins in a dizzying and provocative journey through the history and language that marks human thought.

Marcos Ceravolo and Ryan Uhrich designed and directed the short animation Duelity with the Vancouver Film School. We featured it as a Long Short – our series of short films that convey long-term thinking – at the August 02012 SALT talk with Elaine Pagels. Duelity visualizes two versions of the earth’s creation, and Pagels’ presentation delves into the Book of Revelation’s apocalyptic foretelling of its end.

  • Matt Juge

    The word “both” here is quite inappropriate, since it indicates the existence of *only* two versions, when there are do many more.

  • gJan

    No, Matt. There are exactly two versions. They both have many different versions of themselves, but you can divide them by the question: Was the world/universe/mankind created by some sort of higher intelligence or is it all a result of physics and coincidence?

  • Synchronicity! I joined the Long Now as a birthday present to myself on the day this was posted, and the poster’s is awfully close to my real last name!

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