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Posted on Monday, June 29th, 02015 by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander
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On this week’s episode of On the Media, they dive into the digital preservation issue: what would happen if we, as a species, lost access to our electronic records? What if, either by the slow creep of  technological obsolescence or sudden cosmic disaster, we no longer could draw from the well of of knowledge accrued through the ages? What if we fell into…a digital dark age?



  • Madamarcati

    Digital technology is based upon a binary mathematical system.

    We talk face to face and not only are we communicating through linguistic exchange but also through body language and physical presence.

    We talk on the phone and our communication is without either body language or physical presence.

    We move onto the computer and our linguistic exchanges are limited not only by a lack of voice, body language and physical presence but also by the media itself. We have been digitised into Marcuse’s One Dimensional Man. Digitalisation is a Dark Age. A Dark Age born of the Enlightenment.

    This dangerous narrowing of symbolic cues in communication between us humans was originally motivated by the debauched Judeo- Christian ideal of the Enlightenment, a One World of eternal peace which, in practice, was developed by our democratic nation’s industrial military complex. So it carries from its foundation, or in medieval terminology, signature, not only a command and control directive but an apocalyptic philosophical structuring.

    So, hey everyone, do not fear the lights dimming for in this context what the earth may well need for a return to balance is More Darkness.

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