Wire Cutters Short Film

Posted on Thursday, September 17th, 02015 by Andrew Warner
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Wire Cutters is a short animated film created by artist Jack Anderson. It concerns two robots who run into each other while mining on a desolate planet and then fight over their minerals. The film is too long to be considered a Long Short for our Seminar series, but nonetheless exemplifies long-term thinking.

  • Bruno Grieco

    It’s a very interesting film. Very well finished. But I don’t think it exemplifies long-term thinking at all.
    One of the main aspects of long-term thinking, IMHO, is having complete, thorough information of the scenario. While other long shorts invite you to an experience. This one provides you with an ultimate truth: cooperate or perish.
    Now let’s imagine a different ending: instead of fighting, they actually learn to cooperate. They go on mining together until they find a third robot, from a different firm, which they beat to death together…

  • disturbing good