Sweden’s Minister of the Future

Posted on Tuesday, December 8th, 02015 by Andrew Warner
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Sweden’s Minister of the Future, Kristina Persson, has been tasked with expanding the temporal horizons of government plans and “constantly remind others to include the long-term in the decision making process.”

The idea behind the creation of such a ministry was a simple one: for Sweden to remain competitive tomorrow, it might, unfortunately, have to take unpopular steps today—and since politics and politicians, given elections and interests, tend to focus on the short-term, a watchdog for the long-term was needed.

It’s easier said than done, as politics show us every day. Can you think of a politician willing to risk re-election for a better future they cannot benefit from? Most probably wouldn’t.

Read the full interview by Alberto Mucci at Vice Motherboard.

  • Invictus Jo

    With the swedes themselves acknowledging they are going to become a minority soon because of the moslems,what future are they looking at … ?

  • Lindsea

    yeah baby!

  • Lindsea

    An internal foresight department more or less

    Interested in this:
    “Rather than going top-down, we promote inter-ministerial collaboration and force decision makers to confront the long-term issues despite the fact this is harder to do sometimes. The product of our efforts are suggestions, never impositions, and I think this is very democratic. Also, whatever policy we might suggest has to be embraced other ministries in order to become a reality since we don’t have a budget and the political capital to push it through parliament.”

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