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The Lego Antikythera Mechanism

by Simone Davalos on December 9th, 02010

Antikythera Video

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on December 12th, 02008

Stewart Brand sent in this New Scientist update on the Antikythera Device reconstruciton that includes video…

Antikythera Update

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on July 30th, 02008

  At Long Now we have been paying attention to the Antikythera Mechanism happennings for many years, as we love to see two millennia old clocks get dug out of the deep and understood by modern technology. The Antikythera Mechanism, sometimes called the first analog computer, was recovered more than a century ago in the…  Read More

Antikythera Redux

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on February 23rd, 02007

Nice piece by BBC on the latest work on the Antikythera Mechanism. This example of a 2000 year old astronomical computer being reconstructed out of relics from the bottom of the mediterranean is very encouraging for our Clock project…

Göbekli Tepe and the Worst Day in History

by Ahmed Kabil on May 24th, 02017

Technological advances are revolutionizing the field of archaeology, resulting in new discoveries that are upending our previous understanding of the birth of civilization. Many scholars believe that few will be as consequential as Göbekli Tepe. The ruins of Göbekli Tepe. Photograph by Vincent J. Musi. IN 01963, anthropologists from the University of Chicago and the…  Read More

The Orrery at The Interval: An Invitation to Long-Term Thinking

by Ahmed Kabil on April 24th, 02017

As visitors to Fort Mason amble past The Interval, the Long Now Foundation’s cafe-bar-museum-venue space, some are drawn, as if by gravitational pull, to an unusual eight foot-tall stainless steel technological curiosity they glimpse through the glass doors. Metal gears sit stacked one on top of the other to form a tower, with geneva wheels jutting…  Read More

Long Now and Atlas Obscura

by Contessa Trujillo on July 2nd, 02010

Atlas Obscura, “a compendium of the world’s wonders, curiosities and esoterica” in collaboration with Long Now has created a new category just for us called Long Now Locations. The Long Now Locations serve as a compendium and ongoing collection of objects and places that exhibit long-term thinking, intended or not. Along with the character of…  Read More