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Epic Tea Time

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on September 5th, 02012

Alan Rickman in Portraits in Dramatic Time by David Michalek. Thanks to Laura for sending this in.  Most of our Long Shorts have been time lapses that speed time up, this is a good one on slowing it down… The project featured an array of glacially paced performances of theater artists and actors all genres…  Read More


by Alex Mensing on August 22nd, 02012

Duelity from Ryan Uhrich on Vimeo. Duelity is a split-screen animation that tells both sides of the story of Earth’ s origins in a dizzying and provocative journey through the history and language that marks human thought. Marcos Ceravolo and Ryan Uhrich designed and directed the short animation Duelity with the Vancouver Film School. We featured it…  Read More

From Above

by Austin Brown on March 8th, 02012

While searching for a Long Short that could help us visualize the Anthropocene for Mark Lynas’ SALT, we came upon an amazing resource: The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. Contained therein are well over a million images of our planet taken from space. And since NASA is a public institution paid for by American…  Read More

A Short History of the Modern Calendar

by Austin Brown on February 3rd, 02012

Keeping time, it turns out, is a messy business. In order to satisfy science, religion, and sometimes ego, our calendar has changed quite a bit throughout history. This video by Jeremiah Warren tells the story up to now. Since we can’t predict what changes might be made in the future, the 10,000 Year Clock has…  Read More

100 Years in 10 Minutes

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on December 31st, 02011

Happy new year to all… derDon1234 created a compilation featuring some of the important events of the last 100 years (2911-1011) in 10 minutes. via Laughing Squid,  The Awesomer, BuzzFeed &

New York Times Lapse

by Austin Brown on August 5th, 02011

Phillip Mendonça-Vieira captured the front page of the website of the New York Times every few hours from September 2010 to July 2011 and made a video of all those images. As far as historical documents go, it’s a hypnotic view into a particular period of time. On what we might learn from this he…  Read More

La Chaussettologie

by Austin Brown on July 1st, 02011

La Chaussettologie is a short film created by Yann Benedi & Celine Desrumaux for an event called Challenge Your World. La Chaussettologie translates roughly, I’m told, to Sock-ology. It was the Long Short for Peter Kareiva’s SALT called Conservation in the Real World.

Manhattan in motion

by Austin Brown on June 3rd, 02011

Here’s a beautiful time-lapse of a pulsing, breathing, flowing superorganism: Mindrelic – Manhattan in motion from Mindrelic on Vimeo. (via stellar)

The Hourglass

by Alex Mensing on May 3rd, 02011

This video documents Australian designer Marc Newson’s (Ikepod) modern take on the hourglass in the Glaskeller factory at Basel, Switzerland. It was directed by Philip Andelman and was featured as part of our “Long Shorts” series of short films that convey long term thinking. This Long Short was screened at Tim Flannery’s “Here On Earth”…  Read More

San Francisco to Paris in Two Minutes

by Alex Mensing on April 13th, 02011

This timelapse of a flight between San Francisco and Paris was created by Beep Show, and is composed of photographs taken roughly every two miles of the entire journey. It was featured as part of our “Long Short” series of short films that convey long term thinking. This Long Short was screened at Ian Morris’…  Read More