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Oh The Irony: The Society of American Archivists Deletes Its Listserv Archive

by Simone Davalos on March 14th, 02007

From The Prelinger Library:

Now comes word that the SAA Council has decided that the archives of its own listserv are no longer worth saving and will be “disposed of” at the end of this month. After an appraisal of their value, they’ve determined the cost of keeping these bits is higher than their “evidential or informational value.”

Way to archive, Archivists! We here in the Digital Dark Age Corner salute you.

We note that the meeting on the listserv archive’s fate was held via email.

One can only hope that by this precedent they will find it perfectly acceptable to expunge records of other past digital events that they deem too difficult to maintain, such as the evidence that archivists removed the archives of their archivism miscellanea.

The whole article, including where to complain, can be found here.