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How To Use A Book

by Kevin Kelly on May 6th, 02007

Someday in the future our trouble with our current systems of networking and wireless and routers and protocols and software will seem as charming and obvious as… well as charmingly obvious as the hassles medieval monks may have had with the first books, if you can believe this cool video. It’s a glorious send-up about medieval tech support — in part a spoof on tech support of all kinds, and in part a jab at technology which depends so much on tech support. Very funny and worth a minute of your time. It’s origins are explained here, where you can also find the video:

A comedy about medieval tech support, learning how to use a book. It’s from a show called Øystein & Meg (Øystein & I) produced by the Norwegian Broadcasting television channel (NRK) in 2001. The spoken language is Norwegian, the subs in Danish. It’s written by Knut Nærum and performed by Øystein Bache and Rune Gokstad.

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