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A Moment On Earth

by Simone Davalos on July 15th, 02007


On August 5th, 2004 at 12:00 noon GMT, and again exactly 12 hours later, 60 filmmakers around the world set out to capture a single Moment on Earth.

A Moment On Earth is a fascinating film project has been years in the making. Working with a huge network of independent crews and directors all over the the world, the yet-unreleased A Moment On Earth follows the stories and journeys of each crew and the people they captured on film.


Co-Producer Jereme Axelrod came up with the idea at the bottom of a latrine he had just dug in Honduras as part of an international outreach project. Thinking of his friends and loved one scattered across the globe, he hit on the idea of capturing and exploring as many simultaneous moments as possible.

It seems like a fantastic project, and their indie street cred goes through the roof when you find out that the producers sold shave ice outside their high school to raise money for the film. The website includes a 2007 Webby Award-honored mosaic of film stills and photos from from the moment gathering. For each image on the mosaic there is a close up and a caption detailing what was going on in the photographer’s mind.

The release is slated for later this summer.

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