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The Spread of Slow

by Kevin Kelly on November 26th, 02007

A great Metafilter posting about the spread of Slowing Down — not just slow food, but slow everything else.  The posting — which has links for all these slow threads — announces:

Beginning with Slow Food in 1986, the idea of rejecting the “cult of speed” has gradually spread from a focus on food into other fields. In his book

“In Praise of Slow”

Carl Honore explores the spread of the worldwide Slow movement, urging greater attention to all aspects of daily life, human relationships, and the quality of experience. Meanwhile, on the web, witness the spread of Slow. Slow down your stuff with Slow Home, Slow Travel, Slow Fashion, Slow Art, Slow Craft, Slow Design. Relax with some Slow Reading; check out a Slow Read from a Slow Library. Plan for Slow Cities governed by Slow Leadership. Use Slow Schooling, Slow Research, and the Slow University to explore Slow Science and Slow Math. Bank with Slow Money [PDF]. Explore the world with Slow Travel, using Slow Fuel for Slow Transportation. What’s the rush? Come on. Take it easy.

There’s a typically intelligent Metafilter discussion about the price of slowness in the discussions afterward that is worthwhile. One entry sums up the Slow Manifesto:

The Slow Making Manifesto:

    1.To strive for appropriate excellence in the making process

    2. To make objects that enhance the life of the user

    3. To know the origins of our materials, ensuring that they respect country; the communities who produced or harvested them and are from sustainable sources

    4. To make objects that will last, can be easily repaired when necessary and are made using materials and processes that do not harm the makers, the community or the environment

    5. To deal with our co-workers, clients, suppliers and sellers in an ethical and fair manner

    6. To foster, utilise and pass on skills that enhance the making process

    7. To enjoy and relish the way of slow making