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Flickr Planet

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on February 8th, 02008

Long Now has been playing with geo-data mash-ups recently as a potential interface for our Rosetta Project. In researching what is out there Flickr Vision and Earth Album (and TwitterVision linked off the same page) is one of the cooler geo-mash-ups I have seen. Using online mapping capability tied to social networking, and online photo services like Flickr, this mash-up is an endlessly rotating ball of earth that shows you pictures as they are uploaded to Flickr by location. The locations are often not perfect correlations (as where a photo is uploaded is often not where it is taken.) None the less it is a fun serendipitous interface to great data that is otherwise un-minable. Another nifty one I have seen along these lines is a Google Earth Layer that tracks Instant Messages…

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