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The Ring We Didn’t Know We Wanted ‘Til Just This Second

by Simone Davalos on April 10th, 02008

A designer named Acanthusleaf posted in the LiveJournal Clockworker’s Guild community commentary and pics of this latest project, a gorgeous armillary ring, not unlike a very, very tiny rendition of The Clock’s Orrery:

One Ring To. . .Mmm, science.

This past week and a half, I have been obsessed with making this ring. It is a variation on one pictured in Historic Rings by Diana Scarisbrick. I would want to be her when I grow up, but I want to make the stuff as well as study and write books about it. The original opens out at a 90 degree angle to the outer ring, but I can never leave well enough alone, and I figured a shallower angle would evoke more of that armillary sphere effect that she claims was the point of the original.

This entry, I believe, signifies the official coining of the term “Clockpunk”. I think it will catch on as a meme; after all, steam is hot, but gears are gripping.

Thusly, it has also been proven that LiveJournal is not just for emo kids and bad poetry.

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