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Yuri’s Night Bay Area 02008

by Danielle Engelman on April 10th, 02008

Yuri's Night Logo

Yuri’s Night Bay Area
Saturday, April 12th, 02008
2pm – 2am
at Nasa Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Yuri’s Night is a celebration of space exploration, and the first human in space Yuri Gagarin. With a theme this year of Radical Technology for a Sustainable Future and events happening in 49 countries, we’re excited that Long Now is one of the presenters!Stewart Brand will be giving a short talk on the first image of earth from space. We’ll be bringing the Solar Synchronizer and showcasing some new visuals for the Rosetta Disk. An early prototype of the Rosetta Disk is on the European Space Agency’s Rosetta Mission – you can see where the Mission is in our Solar System here.

It should be a great event with art installations, science booths, lectures and great lineup of music – stop by our booth #51 if you’ll be attending – tickets are still available through the Yuri’s Night website.