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ECOtime – stories from The ECOlogical Calendar

by Danielle Engelman on October 24th, 02008

ECOtime – stories from The ECOlogical Calendar- will debut on NPR starting this Friday October 24, as part of the weekly program Living On Earth.

This minute-long look at the natural phenomena occurring around us is narrated by Chris Hardman, creator of, and artist behind The ECOlogical Calendar.

As with the calendar, ECOtime is all about reconnecting people with the world around them, inspiring the listener to step outside, look around and enjoy the show that nature puts on every day.

We carry the calendar at The Long Now Museum and Store where it is a perennial favorite with our customers; you can also buy it online.

Listen for ECOtime on Living On Earth on your local public radio station, or listen to it online.

Find out where to tune in here.

KQED, Northern California’s public radio, will broadcast Living On Earth:
Sat, Oct 25, 2008 — 4:00 pm
Sun, Oct 26, 2008 — 1:00 am