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Daniel Suarez reads from DAEMON

by Danielle Engelman on January 28th, 02009

Long Now is presenting a reading and book signing of DAEMON by author Daniel Suarez, who gave a Seminar last August on “Bot-mediated Reality”.

We hope you can join us this
Sunday February 1, 02009 at 1:00 pm at:The Long Now Museum and Store
Fort Mason Center, Bldg. A
San Francisco, CA 94123

About the Book and author:

“DAEMON is better than early Tom Clancy…The tech is invoked with inside knowledge, the writing is better, and deeper issues are explored with greater imagination.”
– Stewart Brand

Daniel Suarez’s DAEMON, (Dutton, January 8, 2009; $26.95) brings readers on a harrowing journey through the dark IT spaces of the modern world. It’s a high-tech thriller that explores the convergence of MMOG’s, BotNets, viral ecosystems, and corporate dominance—forces which are quietly reshaping society with very real consequences for us all.

Originally self-published in 2006 under the anagram/pseudonym Leinad Zeraus, DAEMON quickly became an underground sensation and a favorite of the tech sector and its bloggers. According to Wired magazine, Rick Klau, head of publisher services at Feedburner was so “electrified by Daemon’s all-too plausible IT scenario, [he] began pushing the book on anyone who would listen. ‘I just felt it would be a travesty if a lot of people didn’t read it,’ Klau says.”

The book has now sold close to $1 million in foreign rights, and has garnered endorsements from industry giants like Craig Newmark of Craigslist and Billy O’Brien, director of Cyber Security at the White House.

Sunday’s reading will also have a Q&A session where you can ask the author more about his ideas and concerns about our current IT situation.

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