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Stewart Brand: On The Waterfront (NYT)

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on April 20th, 02009

The Sunday New York Times had a nice piece on Stewart Brand. Excerpt:

Green living: I didn’t choose the [tug]boat because it’s green, but it is. It doesn’t take much to heat 450 square feet. Cooling is no issue on the water. We have solar panels and a demand water heater and use biodiesel fuel when we cruise.

Worst thing about the 1960s: Let’s see. I made the mistake of being married during the sexual revolution. Nice marriage; inopportune timing.

Controversial stand: That technology can be green. The book I just finished, “Whole Earth Discipline,” has chapters on why nuclear is green, cities are green, genetic engineering is green. The romantic nature-is-perfect approach is just horse exhaust.