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77 Million Goes Big Down Under

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on May 28th, 02009


 This week Brian Eno transformed Sydney Opera House with mega projections of his 77 Million Paintings… (Stunning images from this DailyMail piece)  Here is a note from Brian on how it was achieved:

They’re enormous projectors – 14 on that side alone – and very carefully masked so there’s no fringing. And the image is double projected – so every area is covered by two identical images carefully registered on top of each other to boost power. The projectors are 3000 watts each, and they project from across the other side of the harbour – a throw of about 500 metres.

It was done by first of all photographing the building from each projector position, using a lens identical to that in the projector – and then cutting precise masks based on the photos.