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Blog Archive for the year 02009

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on January 8th, 02009

Back in June of 02005 Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech at Stanford.  I heard about it second hand from several people who said he quoted Stewart Brand at the end.  But until I came across this video today, I had not heard or seen it.  The whole thing is an excellent talk, and may […]

Our thin skin (of water and air)

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on January 7th, 02009

On the left: “All the water in the world (1.4087 billion cubic kilometres of it) including sea water, ice, lakes, rivers, ground water, clouds, etc.” On the right: “All the air in the atmosphere (5140 trillion tonnes of it) gathered into a ball at sea-level density.” Re-blogged from Forgetomori.

SMS: Save my Language…

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on January 3rd, 02009

The Wall St Journal ran a piece in their January 2nd Edition on the narrow group of languages that can use SMS cell phone text messaging.  Our very own Laura Welcher was quoted in the article:

“The idea of having your cultural identity represented in this technology is increasingly important,” says Laura Welcher, director of. . .   Read More

Predicting 02009 in retrospect

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on January 2nd, 02009

Stewart Brand sent me this excellent piece by past Seminar Speaker, historian and author, Niall Furguson.  It is a retrospective of 02009, bravely published a year in advance.  An excerpt from the intro:

“It was the year when people finally gave up trying to predict the year ahead. It was the year when every forecast. . .   Read More

Timelapse compilation

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on January 2nd, 02009

túrána hott kurdís by hasta la otra méxico! from Till Credner on Vimeo. An excellent compilation of timelapse photography sent in by Stewart Brand.  It is part of the many great works at The Sky in

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