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Long Now at Maker Faire and SETI

by Austin Brown on May 11th, 02011

Long Now Executive Director and 10,000 Year Clock Project Manager Alexander Rose will be speaking on the Maker Faire Center Stage at 12:30 on Sunday the 22nd.

Maker Faire is one of the Bay Area’s biggest celebrations of geek culture and it’s back for a 6th installment at the San Mateo Fairgrounds this May 21st & 22nd. Organized by O’Reilly Media, Maker Faire features hundreds of artists, engineers, designers and hackers sharing the things they make.

Alexander is also speaking at the SETI Institute at noon on Wednesday May 18th.

In this talk, titled Construction on the 10,000 Year Clock Begins, he will discuss the process, principles and methods underlying the Clock of the Long Now. The SETI Institute Colloquium Series is held in Mountain View, and is free to the public.

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