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Blog Archive for the year 02011

Water Becomes a Global Commodity

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on January 14th, 02011

Newsweek reports that Sitka, Alaska is looking at selling 3 billion of gallons of water for bottling in Mumbai India shipped via tanker.  This will mark one of the first major water transfers of this sort, making water a globally traded commodity.  It also brings up some interesting questions around climate change and how it. . .   Read More

An Archive Model with Long Term Benefits

by Laura Welcher on January 13th, 02011

On January 9, The Rosetta Project presented a poster at the Linguistic Society of America annual meeting, describing a distributed archive model we’ve developed and implemented with the Rosetta digital collection. Here is a video describing this model, and some of its long-term benefits:

A pdf of this poster is available for download. . .   Read More

North American Dialects On Twitter and YouTube

by Austin Brown on January 12th, 02011

Using data from the Atlas of North American English (ANAE) by William Labov, Sharon Ash, and Charles Boberg combined with his own research, linguist Rick Aschmann created the detailed map above to show regional dialects throughout North America.  One of the coolest features is that he’s linked over 600 YouTube videos to the map. . .   Read More

Victorian Infographics

by Austin Brown on January 11th, 02011

These Victorian infographics take a beautiful, hand-drawn approach to the presentation of various geographic and astronomical data.  The image above was published in 1854 and compares various mountains and river systems side-by-side.

Don’t miss the Tableau de L’Histoire Universelle, which represents nations and empires as rivers flowing through history and. . .   Read More

Long Bet on Peak Travel

by Austin Brown on January 10th, 02011

One of the miracles of the modern world is our capacity for getting around – hop on a plane, nap a few hours, and you’re on the other side of a continent!  Technologically enabled, we’ve embraced this ability with gusto and are currently more mobile a species than ever before.  But, according to a pair […]

History of the Sound Bite

by Austin Brown on January 6th, 02011

The Boston Globe took a look recently at the ever-shrinking sound bite.  Digging into the history of the practice, the article argues that the trend towards shorter clips of political speech isn’t just older than you’d think – pre-dating television and even radio – but that it’s not necessarily an indicator of. . .   Read More

Presentism in Google Books

by Austin Brown on January 4th, 02011

Google’s new Ngram Viewer is a graphical interface for looking at the frequency of words over time in the several million books scanned into their database.  As a publicly mine-able data set, it’s huge and ripe for exploration with 500 years’ worth of published books spanning several languages.  And while it may. . .   Read More

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