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Blog Archive for the year 02011

History of the Sound Bite

by Austin Brown on January 6th, 02011

The Boston Globe took a look recently at the ever-shrinking sound bite.  Digging into the history of the practice, the article argues that the trend towards shorter clips of political speech isn’t just older than you’d think – pre-dating television and even radio – but that it’s not necessarily an indicator of a shallower political…  Read More

Presentism in Google Books

by Austin Brown on January 4th, 02011

Google’s new Ngram Viewer is a graphical interface for looking at the frequency of words over time in the several million books scanned into their database.  As a publicly mine-able data set, it’s huge and ripe for exploration with 500 years’ worth of published books spanning several languages.  And while it may seem a simple…  Read More

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