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Blog Archive for the year 02012

Decelerator Helmet

by Charlotte Hajer on December 27th, 02012

Our increasingly digital culture seems to be following Moore’s law of exponential acceleration – but sometimes you need to slow things down to understand them a little better.

To that end, German artist Lorenz Potthast has built what he calls a Decelerator Helmet. It is what it sounds like: a helmet that allows you to. . .   Read More

A taste of the mountain: The Interval’s Craft Gin made by St George Spirits

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on December 18th, 02012

Please join us for a special tasting of the Bristlecone Gin and help support The Interval at the same time.  We have just received the first bottles of the hand crafted Bristlecone Gin from St George Spirits, and it is incredible.  My favorite quote from an early taster: “It tastes like I’m drinking the mountain.” […]

Peter Warshall, “Light and Beauty”

by Austin Brown on December 17th, 02012

This lecture was presented as part of The Long Now Foundation’s monthly Seminars About Long-term Thinking.

Enchanted by the Sun: The CoEvolution of Light, Life, and Color on Earth

Wednesday November 28, 02012 – San Francisco

Video is up on the Warshall Seminar page for Members.

Audio is up on the Warshall Seminar page. . .   Read More

Aspirin: A 3,500-Year Old Remedy

by Charlotte Hajer on December 14th, 02012

Aspirin is not only a miraculous cure-all; it’s also an ancient one.

In its purified chemical form, aspirin (or salicylic acid) is only a little over 100 years old. But the compound is also found in several plants – and in this form, it has been used for over 3,500 years.

Its pain. . .   Read More

The Lunar 02013

by Charlotte Hajer on December 13th, 02012

The universe may be governed by quantum probability and uncertainty, but we can nevertheless predict the movements of bodies in our solar system with relative accuracy. For a preview of how the Moon will behave in 02013, this video offers an animated choreography of its phases and libration as it ellipses around our planet.

And. . .   Read More

How to Win at Forecasting – an Edge conversation with Philip Tetlock

by Austin Brown on December 10th, 02012

Former SALT speaker Philip Tetlock spoke with Edge recently about his research into forecasting. In 02005, he published Expert Political Judgement: How Good is it? How Can We Know?, for which he spent over a decade recording and assessing the predictions made by public policy experts. He found them to be not much better than. . .   Read More

The Cambridge Project for Existential Risk

by Alex Mensing on December 5th, 02012

Human technology is undoubtedly getting more powerful every year, and our destructive potential is no exception. The Cold War notion of ‘mutually assured destruction‘ was unthinkable for most of human history, as was the ability to fundamentally alter the climate of the planet on which we rely. As the capabilities of our technologies continue to […]

Rick Prelinger Seminar Primer

by Charlotte Hajer on December 4th, 02012

“Lost Landscapes of San Francisco, 7”
Tuesday December 11, 02012 at the Castro Theater, San Francisco

Guerrilla archivist and “media archaeologist” Rick Prelinger has built his career on uncovering, preserving, and sharing alternative takes on American cultural history. He is the founder of the Prelinger Archives , a massive collection of “ephemeral films”: non-fiction video. . .   Read More

The Interval at Long Now: the Juniper Makes the Gin

by Mikl Em on December 3rd, 02012

For the Long Now Salon project artisan distillers St George Spirits helped us create a pair of distinctive spirits inspired by long-term thinking. Our gin features juniper berries we harvested from the peaks of our property on Mount Washington in eastern Nevada. In this video Lance Winters, St. George’s Master Distiller, extolls the myriad flavors […]

Long Now Salon: Not A Typical Bar

by Mikl Em on November 29th, 02012

Jillian Northrup is one half of the design-build team Because We Can who are leading the design for the Long Now Salon. She told us how designing the Salon for Long Now is different from a typical commercial bar project. See more of their design on the Because We Can site (links below).

Jillian. . .   Read More

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