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Support Long-term Thinking

Salon nearing half way mark in funding…

by Mikl Em on July 23rd, 02013


The Salon project is on the verge of hitting its half way point in funding!  If we get to $250k that means that we can start full on construction in August, and that everyone who donated for a bottle will unlock the whiskey option!

UPDATE: Thanks to Cameo Wood’s upgrade to the Manual for Civilization Level we have blown right through the $250k mark!  Whiskey option is now unlocked!

We just received confirmation that the Salon will be receiving a $25,000 gift from the Cordelia Corporation who will be sponsoring a shelf in the Library. This gift was directed by long time member and podcast listener Doug Ellis. This has put us within a few thousand dollars of our half way point of $250,000 which will let us get started on construction!

Many thanks to Doug and all our donors for helping us get here.  Next stop – $495k…