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Blog Archive for the year 02013

Slow Journalism and A Long Walk: Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden

by Andrew Warner on January 9th, 02013

On January 10th, 02013, Pulitzer prize winning journalist Paul Salopek will begin a seven year journey on foot from Ethiopia to Patagonia, following the footsteps of the first migration of humans across the planet 60,000 years ago. The journey will not be an easy one. It consists of 21,000 miles of wildly varying terrain and […]

Terry Hunt & Carl Lipo Seminar Primer

by Charlotte Hajer on January 8th, 02013

“The Statues Walked — What Really Happened on Easter Island”
Thursday January 17, 02013 at the Cowell Theater, San Francisco

Archaeologists Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo study cultural evolution and diversity. Their research tries to answer questions about how small communities develop into complex societies, and how cultures change and spread over time. They’ve focused. . .   Read More

Report on the First De-Extinction Meeting and Other Revivalist News

by Stewart Brand on January 7th, 02013

36 scientists, 25 presentations, 5,000 words to cover them all.  Lots of news.

Also the first announcement of the TEDx DeExtinction conference in Washington DC on March 15.

Introducing our now-full-time reviver of passenger pigeons, Ben Novak, with Martha, the world’s last passenger pigeon, in the backrooms of The Smithsonian.

Ben. . .   Read More

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