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Blog Archive for the year 02014

Hugh Howey’s Dystopian Silo Saga Joins the Manual for Civilization

by Catherine Borgeson on January 22nd, 02014

Science fiction author Hugh Howey donated to the Manual for Civilization a one-off hard cover set of his Silo Saga with a special title page for The Long Now Foundation.

The dystopian science fiction series developed out of a single novella Hugh Howey self-published on the Web in 02011.  He continued the story. . .   Read More

Nature, Cities, and Long-term Thinking

by Charlotte Hajer on January 21st, 02014

photo by Tanya Hart
In 01995, Brian Eno surmised that the fast-paced uncertainty of life in New York City led people to retreat into the immediacy of their own private worlds. As a counterweight to this preoccupation with the “short now,” he posited the idea of “The Long Now” – and thus the name of. . .   Read More

Long Now Salon Construction & Fundraising Update – January 02014

by Mikl Em on January 20th, 02014

Fourteen months ago we announced: We have begun a campaign to transform our space in Fort Mason into a salon, museum, cafe and bar. We invite you to check out the video and if you can, please support… As we begin 02014, construction of the Long Now Salon project continues. We’ve also surpassed 2/3 of […]

Edge Question 02014

by Charlotte Hajer on January 16th, 02014

With a new year, of course, comes a new Edge question.

Every January since 01998, John Brockman has presented the members of his online salon with a question that elicits some thinking about the biggest social and intellectual issues of our time. Previous iterations have included prompts such as “What will change everything?” and “What. . .   Read More

02013: The Year in Long Now Seminars

by Mikl Em on January 15th, 02014

Did you hear the news that has video of the twelve most recent Seminars About Long-term Thinking (SALT) free for everyone to view? It’s true. So here’s an overview of SALT’s tenth year, the dozen Seminars of 02013. You can see the full videos of these talks on our. . .   Read More

Brian Eno & Danny Hillis Seminar Primer

by Austin Brown on January 14th, 02014

“The Long Now, now”
Tuesday January 21, 02014 at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater, San Francisco

Brian Eno and Danny Hillis are long time friends and collaborators. Eno is an influential British musician, producer and artist known both for his work with some of the biggest names in rock as well as his identification. . .   Read More

Lost century-old Antarctic images found and conserved

by Catherine Borgeson on January 10th, 02014

Photo: Antarctic Heritage Trust (NZ)
A small box of 22 exposed but unprocessed photographic negatives left nearly a century  ago in an Antarctic exploration hut has been discovered and conserved by New Zealand’s Antarctic Heritage Trust.

“It’s the first example that I’m aware of, of undeveloped negatives from a century ago from. . .   Read More

Rick Prelinger, “Lost Landscapes of San Francisco, 8”

by Andrew Warner on January 9th, 02014

This lecture was presented as part of The Long Now Foundation’s monthly Seminars About Long-term Thinking.

Lost Landscapes of San Francisco, 8
Tuesday December 17, 02013 – San Francisco

Video is up on the Prelinger Seminar page for Members.
Unlost San Francisco Life – a summary by Stewart Brand
“You are the soundtrack,” Prelinger. . .   Read More

Long Now Seminar Videos for Everyone

by Mikl Em on January 6th, 02014

We begin 02014 with some big news about online access to our Seminars About Long-term Thinking (SALT). Now for the first time on there is full, free public access to video of the twelve most recent Long Now Seminars. That’s a whole year’s worth, and as new Seminars are added. . .   Read More

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