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Blog Archive for the year 02015

DOTS—Long-Term, Human-Readable Archival Data Storage

by Andrew Warner on December 27th, 02015

Via Alexis Madrigal’s TinyLetter, Real Future, DOTS is a Digital Optical Technology System developed by Eastman Kodak in the 01990s, and abandoned in 02002. In 02008, a team of digital imaging experts and former Kodak employees founded Group 47 to buy the DOTS patents and continue development. They succeeded in 2011. Unlike magnetic and optical storage solutions, which must…  Read More

Rick Prelinger Seminar Media

by Andrew Warner on December 22nd, 02015

This lecture was presented as part of The Long Now Foundation’s monthly Seminars About Long-term Thinking. Lost Landscapes of San Francisco, 10 Wednesday December 9, 02015 – San Francisco Video is up on the Prelinger Seminar page. ********************* Subscribe to our Seminar email list for updates and summaries.

Cocktail Mechanics class at The Interval

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on December 16th, 02015

  The Interval at Long Now cocktail classroom series: “Cocktail Mechanics” class at The Interval (tickets $100 each) Taught by Jennifer Colliau (Beverage Director of The Interval at Long Now) The Interval’s new cocktail classroom series will teach you the art and science of making drinks. In small, hands-on classes you will learn the fundamentals and finer points…  Read More

Eric Cline Seminar Tickets

by Andrew Warner on December 15th, 02015

  The Long Now Foundation’s monthly Seminars About Long-term Thinking Eric Cline presents “1177 B.C: When Civilization Collapsed” TICKETS Monday January 11, 02016 at 7:30pm SFJAZZ Center Long Now Members can reserve 2 seats, join today! General Tickets $15   About this Seminar: In 1177 B.C., the Bronze Age came to a sudden end, and…  Read More

Growing a forest of 5000 year trees

by Bryan Campen - Twitter: @bryancampen on December 11th, 02015

This month, your contributions to The Long Now Foundation support the creation of the Fund of the Long Now. We will leverage this fund, through centuries of interest and investments, to help make Long Now a truly long-term institution. Supporters of the fund are receiving a limited edition Bristlecone Pine Tree Kit (pictured above) in…  Read More

The Interval honored as one of “coolest businesses in San Francisco”

by Andrew Warner on December 10th, 02015

Long Now’s Bar & Cafe, The Interval, is honored to be included on Business Insider’s list of the 19 “coolest new businesses in San Francisco”. Thank you to our team and supporters who have made this project possible and created a new platform to engage the public with long-term thinking.

Sweden’s Minister of the Future

by Andrew Warner on December 8th, 02015

Sweden’s Minister of the Future, Kristina Persson, has been tasked with expanding the temporal horizons of government plans and “constantly remind others to include the long-term in the decision making process.” The idea behind the creation of such a ministry was a simple one: for Sweden to remain competitive tomorrow, it might, unfortunately, have to take unpopular…  Read More

Getting Wiktionary into PanLex

by David Kamholz on December 4th, 02015

If we want to achieve the miracle of translation from any language into any other language, it would be enormously helpful to have a machine that can translate any word, or word-like phrase, from any language into any other language. The PanLex project aims to build exactly that machine. It is documenting all known lexical…  Read More

The Fund of the Long Now

by Bryan Campen - Twitter: @bryancampen on December 1st, 02015

June 02016 marks Long Now’s twentieth anniversary. In terms of a new nonprofit, it is a pretty good run. But for Long Now it means that we still have at least 9,980 years left to go… So we decided to build a fund to better ensure our future, and at the same moment put deep…  Read More

Philip Tetlock Seminar Media

by Andrew Warner on November 30th, 02015

This lecture was presented as part of The Long Now Foundation’s monthly Seminars About Long-term Thinking. Superforecasting Monday November 23, 02015 – San Francisco Audio is up on the Tetlock Seminar page, or you can subscribe to our podcast. ********************* All it takes to improve forecasting is KEEP SCORE – a summary by Stewart Brand…  Read More

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