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The Future Right Around the Corner

by Ahmed Kabil - Twitter: @ahmedkabil on July 29th, 02018

Medium’s “Future Human” essay collection explores the scientific, technological, social and medical advances that are changing where and how we live. The collection features work by and about various members of the Long Now community, including past speakers (Andy Weir and Annalee Newitz), collaborators (the geneticist George Church), and staff (Long Now Editor Ahmed Kabil).


Digitocracy by Andy Weir

The author of The Martian and Artemis offers a vision of a future where computers rule. Weir spoke at The Interval at Long Now in 02015 about what a real world mission to Mars would require.


Sex Robots Could Save Your Relationship (And Other Good News on the Future of Love) by Annalee Newitz

“In a nonbinary, nonmonogamous future,” writes Annalee Newitz, “kids’ lives could be full of many loving caregivers.” Newitz spoke at The Interval at Long Now in 02018 about how science needs fiction.


Predictions from the Most Influential Geneticist of Our Time by Matthew Hutson

Matthew Hutson interviews Dr. George Church, who has collaborated with Revive & Restore in bringing back the woolly mammoth.


What Happens When A Computer Runs Your Life by Ahmed Kabil

Long Now Editor Ahmed Kabil interviews Max Hawkins, an ex-Google programmer who lets an algorithm pick where he lives, what he does—even what tattoo to get.

You can read the rest of the collection here.