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Translating the Big Bang into Blackfoot

by Ahmed Kabil - Twitter: @ahmedkabil on May 13th, 02019

Meet Corey Gray and Sharon Yellowfly, a mother-son duo translating astrophysics into the Native American language Siksika (Blackfoot).

On April 1, scientists will officially restart their search for gravitational waves after a year spent making improvements to massive twin detectors. Discoveries should soon start rolling in, and when they do, there’s a good chance the news will be translated into a Native American language called Blackfoot, or Siksika.

That’s thanks to Corey Gray, who works at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) site in Washington state. He has been collaborating with his mom to translate this cutting-edge field of science into an endangered languagespoken by just thousands of people worldwide.

Via NPR.