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Support Long-term Thinking

Kevin Kelly Appears on Jason Silva’s Flow Sessions Podcast

by Ahmed Kabil - Twitter: @ahmedkabil on January 6th, 02020

Long Now board member Kevin Kelly recently sat down with Jason Silva on his Flow Sessions podcast for a wide-ranging interview about the deeper sides of technology. 

I’m part of the Long Now Foundation, which is trying to take a long-term view of things. And I realized recently that that long view is really taking the view of systems; it’s a systems viewpoint. And if you look at things as systems, you automatically have a kind of overview. The big view. And I’ve been looking at technology with the big view. To get that big view you have to get out of yourself. You have to transcend. You have to have this distant perspective. And yet, for it to be valid, you have to remain honest and connected on the ground or else it doesn’t make sense. And so trying to stand with one foot in the real here-and-now and one foot with the cosmic billions—if you can do that, then I think you an be helpful in terms of looking at, “Hey, this is where we’re going. Hey, this is where we’ve been. Hey, this is where we are in the context of the cosmos.” 

Kevin Kelly

You can find the podcast on Spotify here, or watch it on YouTube here.