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Long Bets table at WorldFuture 2013

by Andrew Warner on July 11th, 02013

From July 19th- 21st in Chicago, the World Future Society will be hosting their annual conference, WorldFuture 2013. The conference has over 60 sessions, workshops, and special events over the course of two and a half days, including a keynote from former SALT speaker Nicholas Negroponte.

Topics range from Artificial Intelligence and the future of. . .   Read More

Ed Lu Seminar Primer

by Andrew Warner on June 4th, 02013

“Anthropocene Astronomy: Thwarting Dangerous Asteroids Begins with Finding Them”
Tuesday June 18th, 02013 at the Marines’ Memorial Theatre, San Francisco

It’s not often that you get to meet someone who may one day save civilization. Ed Lu, three-time NASA astronaut and CEO of The B612 Foundation, has made it his life mission to. . .   Read More

Stewart Brand Seminar Primer

by Andrew Warner on May 7th, 02013

“Reviving Extinct Species”
Tuesday May 21st, 02013 at the SFJAZZ Center, San Francisco
From promoting the publication of NASA’s first satellite images of the whole Earth to co-founding The Long Now Foundation, Stewart Brand has always sought to simultaneously humble and empower. Our planet, seen for the first time against the vastness of. . .   Read More

The Doctor Prescribes Brian Eno

by Andrew Warner on April 23rd, 02013

Last week Long Now board member Brian Eno unveiled two new installations at Montefiore Hospital in Hove, England. The pieces are designed to be soothing for patients in the hospital and provide a sense of respite from the harsh realities of its clinical environment. In the lobby of the new hospital, Eno’s 77 Million Paintings will be on […]

Christian Marclay’s “The Clock” at SFMOMA

by Andrew Warner on April 9th, 02013

On Saturday, April 6th, the SFMOMA opened Christian Marclay’s “The Clock”. The exhibit is a 24-hour long film that consists of snippets from the past 70 years of cinematic history–the clips all unified by the common trait of having clocks or referencing a time of day in them. To accomplish this task, Marclay hired a team […]

Nicholas Negroponte Seminar Primer

by Andrew Warner on April 4th, 02013

“Beyond Digital”
Wednesday April 17, 02012 at the Marines’ Memorial Theater, San Francisco

Nicholas Negroponte has made a name for himself not just by predicting the future, but by creating it. He co-founded and, for 15 years, directed the MIT Media Lab, which has become the premier academic incubator for advanced technologies research in. . .   Read More

George Dyson, “The Digital Big Bang”

by Andrew Warner on March 28th, 02013

This lecture was presented as part of The Long Now Foundation’s monthly Seminars About Long-term Thinking.

“No Time Is There”— The Digital Universe and Why Things Appear To Be Speeding Up
Tuesday March 19, 02013 – San Francisco

Video is up on the Dyson Seminar page for Members.

Audio is up on the Dyson. . .   Read More

George Dyson Seminar Primer

by Andrew Warner on March 5th, 02013

“No Time Is There— The Digital Universe and Why Things Appear To Be Speeding Up”
Tuesday March 19, 02013 at the Herbst Theater, San Francisco

Photo: Joe Pugliese

George Dyson grew up playing with spare parts from some of the world’s earliest computers at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study. His father, Freeman Dyson. . .   Read More

Long Now Board Members at TED 02013

by Andrew Warner on March 1st, 02013

This year’s TED conference has two of Long Now’s board members presenting, Stewart Brand and Danny Hillis. Although the videos will not be published on the TED site until later this year, some attendees graciously summarized and illustrated the talks for the rest of us. The cartoons below come from Fever Pitch, a group of […]

Seeds Are the New Books

by Andrew Warner on February 26th, 02013

The Basalt Public Library in western Colorado has recently started lending seeds out to members. The members “borrow” the seeds with their library card, grow the plants, and harvest the best fruits’ seeds to give back to the library. The library gets better seeds back, while the members get to enjoy most of the harvest. . .   Read More