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Boing Boing TV covers Mechanicrawl (part 2)

by Danielle Engelman on August 7th, 02008

Here’s the second installment of Boing Boing TV’s series on Mechanicrawl. They call it WWII Boatpunk!

Boing Boing TV covers Mechanicrawl (part 1)

by Danielle Engelman on July 29th, 02008

Boing Boing TV is doing a multi-part series on the July 02008 Mechanicrawl. Above you can see correspondent Todd Lapin, and filming ninja Eddie Codel at their first stop, here at The Long Now Museum and Store.

Mechanicrawl Updates

by Danielle Engelman on July 7th, 02008

 We have moved up the start time to Noon!

Saturday July 12 02008, from Noon to 8pm

Mechanicrawl Tickets
Tickets can be purchased (and will call tickets picked up) at either Pier 45 across from the USS Pampanito starting noon on the day of the event, or at The Long Now Museum and Store starting. . .   Read More


by Danielle Engelman on July 3rd, 02008

Saturday July 12 02008, from Noon to 8pm
Mechanicrawl is a progressive tour through the mechanical wonders of San Francisco’s North Shore. You’ll be able to map your own route to see the SS Jeremiah O’Brien with it’s giant steam engine running, the most complex mechanical computer ever built, The Torpedo. . .   Read More

The Ten Thousand Things

by Danielle Engelman on May 28th, 02008

There’s a new play debuting at the Washington Ensemble Theater in Seattle inspired by Long Now and the Clock project, written by Long Now member Paul Mullin.

“It takes place in three or four different worlds that are deeply divided by time but intimately connected by ideas. It starts out 6,000 years ago. . .   Read More

Long Now reflects on Self Storage

by Danielle Engelman on April 17th, 02008

Long Now was invited to be part of the art exhibit “Self Storage” which transforms a storage unit in San Francisco into a library of Ephemera open to the public under the care of a librarian and indexed for consultation and handling.

Curatorial Industries opening reception for “Self-Storage”Friday, April 18, 2008 from 7. . .   Read More

Media Update

by Danielle Engelman on April 15th, 02008

– Craig Venter’s Long Now Seminar will be airing tomorrow, Thursday April 17th at 8pm in the usual KQED lecture slot (eg. Commonwealth and City Arts and Lectures) in the Bay Area

– Long Now was also featured in the nationally syndicated NPR Soundprint piece by Barbara Boegaev and Queena Kim in “Escape From Time” (click. . .   Read More

Yuri’s Night Bay Area 02008

by Danielle Engelman on April 10th, 02008

Yuri’s Night Bay AreaSaturday, April 12th, 020082pm – 2amat Nasa Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA
Yuri’s Night is a celebration of space exploration, and the first human in space Yuri Gagarin. With a theme this year of Radical Technology for a Sustainable Future and events happening in 49 countries, we. . .   Read More